Restaurant Owner functions and more

As an owner you can have multiple users, with different privileges, and you can always be on top of your employees and your supplies – with no stress

Restaurant Owner coordinates vendor orders, vendor deals, and much more. The app is compatible with all devices including smartphones and tablets, so you can manage inventory and vendors, as well as control and manage orders right from your mobile device. You can keep track of your orders right from the app in the matter of seconds. 

Order Lists

When you create orders, you have the ability to organize them inside the app according to how you have your inventory arranged at your physical location. This allows managers or supervisors, to easily pick up where you left off, should you delegate this task to them. You can add or delete an item anywhere on your list with ease! Additionally you can generate the complete order and send it directly to the associated vendors in your list with just a few clicks. The email confirmation is sent off to the salesperson, and a copy is sent to you!

There is nothing worse than missing an item that is vital to your menu. With Restaurant Owner, you know who in your restaurant is placing the order – chef, which employee etc. You can send it to multiple people, sales person, supervisor & you get a copy. You have the ability to choose the size, from a case, to a unit to the number of pounds.  

Previous Orders

View your complete history of previous orders. This gives you time to work on other important tasks. It makes it easier to handle ordering yourself, or to let someone else in your organization handle the task for you. 

You can check on what orders were placed from your employees

Phone Book

Why have vendors in your regular phone book, isn't that big enough?

The phone book is to keep track of all of your vendors ONLY. Eliminates the need to have vendors in your phone book. On mobile devices, a click-to-call button allow you to dial directly to the vendor so you can quickly reach out and get the information you need. No more sifting through hundreds of contacts on your phone to find what you need! 

Vendor Deals

 The Vendor Deals section offers promotions and discounts on goods and services that are vital to the restaurant industry. Insurance, hood cleaning, food product - Take advantage of  deals exclusive to app users!


 The first time is the hardest, because you need to put in all your info & set up your lists/ vendor lists/ employee users etc.

Our suggestion to you: Have your sales person come in and walk around while you set up your order list and account. It is important that you fill out everything to get the full benefits of the app!


Take a look at some of the features and capabilities of Restaurant Owner. This app will make every aspect of your operation more productive, effective, and efficient. 
  • Create, edit, and sort products
  • Create, edit, and sort vendors
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • Easy order access and order history
  • One click sends completed orders with notification
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets 
Do you have any problems or questions? Please contact appsupport@invuedigital.com with your comments, feedback and ratings. Your input and suggestions are always welcome!


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