An app to make the lives of restaurant owners much easier.

Restaurant Owner was established in 2015 by Joseph Reda. He owns two restaurants, so he knows the restaurant industry in and out. From his firsthand experience and his time working in restaurants with employees and customers, he decided there should be a way to streamline many of his processes to make work more productive. 

The app is made to help restaurant owners, to make their lives easier. The app streamlines the ordering process, it allows the restaurant owners to monitor their employees as well as order to different vendors directly through the app. You can walk around your restaurant and have items on your order list based off of where they are in your stock room.

Anyone who works in the restaurant industry – whether you are an owner, vendor, employee, etc. – knows that operations can be difficult to manage. The goods you need to operate are often perishable. You need a way to easily track inventory and ordering. You need Restaurant Owner.

Manage your tasks all in one place. 

You have enough on your plate as it is! Let the Restaurant Owner take some of the burden off your shoulders. 
To get your restaurant in order with minimal effort from you, the Restaurant Owner app is designed to help companies organize food and supplies, while making the ordering process much easier. The app is quick, responsive, and can perform real-time order processing so that all operations of your business run seamlessly. 

Reda developed this software to be compatible with smartphones and tablets so that you can manage your restaurant on the go, wherever you are. You won’t even have to show up to the restaurant or shop to handle deliveries and orders!

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