Designed to help companies organize food and supplies, while simplifying the order process.

Real-time order processing, in an easy-to-use, quick and efficient interface.

Manage inventory and vendors. Create, control and manage orders.
Create, edit and
sort products.
Sort vendors and
browse special offers.
Easy order access and
order history.
intuitive interface.

Manage inventory and vendors, as well as create, control and track orders. 

Eliminate the need for pen and paper once and for all.
With the Restaurant Owner app, you can create an order according to how you have your inventory arranged at your physical location to make things easier. Add or delete an item anywhere on your list, generate the complete order and send it directly to the associated vendors on your list. An automated email confirmation is sent to the salesperson, and a copy is sent to you!

A complete history of previous orders allows you to be in the know - handle the task yourself or let someone in your organization handle the easy ordering for you.

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If you own a business and are looking for an easy way to track inventory, sales, payments, shipments, and more, download the Restaurant Owner app today.

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